thePolaroid SX-70 OneStep Land Camera

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thePolaroid SX-70 OneStep Land Camera ($210). Developed in collaboration with The Impossible Project and limited to just 50 units, these hand-refurbished Land Cams feature a white and black body with a seventies-licious rainbow running from the lens to the output slot, a simple black strap, and come with two boxes of B&W/sepia PX 100 film.

M9 digital camera

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Leica presents yet another limited edition version of their M9 flagship digital camera. This time they worked with retailer Neiman Marcus. The camera comes with a chrome finish and brown oestrich leather upper and matching oestrich leather strap. The camera will release soon and retails for 17′500 USD.

Sprocket Rocket Camera

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The retro camera craze continues with the Sprocket Rocket Camera ($89). Designed to work with standard old 35mm film, the Rocket captures panoramic shots so big that they extend onto the sprocket holes of the film, giving the camera its name and the shots it takes a distinctive look. It also features two shutter settings, two aperture settings, the ability to rewind the film for double exposures, and a hot shoe for flash use.

Ferrari x HASSELBLAD Camera

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Industry veteran HASSELBLAD, the leading brand for those looking to capture more than just images, and Ferrari have joined together to produce their Ferrari x HASSELBLAD – H4D Ferrari Limited Edition, which features the prancing horse’s signature fire red color. Besides the famous Black Stallion, a the special camera also features a dual layer, glass top handmade case the lower portion for the 80mm lens and other accessories. Only 499 units will be made available worldwide.

Pentax Optio NB1000 Lego Camera

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An interesting new version of the Pentax Optio NB1000 has been released, adding a custom Lego style look to the digital camera.
Japanese imaging company Pentax’s Optio NB1000 Point and Shoot camera has a front panel which is covered in a Lego-like piece compatible with nanoblocks (a construction block system similar to lego) from Japan’s Diablock. Different sizes of these blocks can be attached to the face of the camera so that you can personalize it with patterns, mini sculptures. The blocks also have more than just an aesthetic appeal. they can be used to help capture your images – arrangement around the lens can form frames for your pictures.”

The Nikon Coolpix S1100pj Projector Camera

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The Nikon Coolpix S1100pj Projector Camera ($350) is the company’s second-generation pocketable projector cam, bringing improvements like a 40 percent brighter projector with a built-in stand, the ability to display the screen of a computer connected via USB, one-touch 720p movie recording, a 14.1-megapixel sensor, 5-way image stabilization, a 5x optical zoom lens, and a 3-inch touchscreen. Boring your guests with family photos has never been so easy.

HD All Terrain Video Action Camera

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The Oregon Scientific HD All Terrain Video Action Camera ($300), things have progressed a little since that time. This helmet-ready, waterproof HD camcorder can catch 1080p video at 30fps or 720p video at 60fps, and features microSD card storage, a G-Sensor to record the G-force levels while recording, HDMI output, a 1.5-inch LCD, a 135 degree field of view, and a laser pointer for some odd reason. All of that, and no heavy VCR backpack required.