Make time for promotions with handy tools

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Finding the best ways to operate your store and manage orders that are coming in while keeping customers interested in what you do is very important to produce the best results and build a strong following by people who really care about what you have to offer. Make sure you are on top of your game with everything you do in order to stay ahead of competition; getting a magento slider can help you do that and allow you to make clients feel like they can shop efficiently and get some bargains as well.
With tools like magento groupon you may build a set following of people who enjoy doing deals with you and feel like they are honoured with great discounts. Promotions are important today and can help people make the choice that is beneficial for you so get magento discount tools to get the best deal.

2d to 3d video converter software

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3D video have become extremely popular recently, although its invention dates back to middle of the twentieth century. A lot of hottest blockbusters currently are released in 3D, and you can enjoy them in a variety of 3D movie theaters. Watching movies in 3D provides a totally different and captivating viewing experience, giving a possibility to enjoy realistic three-dimensional picture on the screen instead of “flat” 2D one. At the same time, the process of creating a high quality movie in 3D format is quite expensive and time-consuming, and for this reason the majority of films are still released in common 2D, while only a relatively small percentage is honored with large-scale 3D presentations.Nonetheless, everyone who wants to enjoy any movie in 3D format has a great chance to make this wish come true, as nowadays everyone can create his or her own 3D cinema right at home. With the help of a special software one can transform an ordinary 2D video into a 3D format quickly and easily, and enjoy any movies with magnificent 3D effect with the help of any software players or hardware devices.

3D Video Converter is a powerful software that will easily convert any video to 3D. It is completely virus-free, therefore won’t harm your computer. 3D Video Converter is easy to use and has intuitive interface to facilitate video conversion as much as possible. support all popular video file formats in order for you to be able to convert any video from your library to 3D regardless of its initial format. 3D Video Converter provides high conversion speed in order to save your time and, of course, ensure highest possible output quality for the impeccable playback on any device of your choice. With 3D Video Converter you will be able to convert any video to 3D absolutely effortlessly in the twinkling of an eye.

How to convert iPad video to PC video

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Modern industry allows us to enjoy our favorite videos in a variety of different ways, including DVD players, computers, and wide range of portable video devices of all sorts and kinds. Therefore all cinema buffs can choose any device to play back various videos according to their own preferences. Apple iPad is one of the most popular portable gadgets providing a possibility to enjoy high quality video playback anytime and everywhere you prefer.
At the same time, it supports only several video formats (MP4, M4V, MOV), and if you want to enjoy your favorite movies on iPad, you either need to purchase them from iTunes Online Store, or convert existing video files into a supported format with a help of iPad video converter. For this reason a lot of iPad admirers have vast video collections consisting of videos of iPad-compatible format, suitable for the flawless playback on their favorite device.
However, while iPad definitely is a great device to watch movies, TV shows, or music videos on the go, while being at home it might be a better idea to enjoy your favorite videos on a large screen of your computer or TV. In that case you might need to convert iPad video to PC, especially if your media player doesn’t support iPad-compatible formats. You can choose several popular formats of PC video, such as AVI, MKV, or WMV, and convert your iPad videos to one of them.
To perform such conversion you will need to use special video conversion software that supports input and output formats that you need. Currently a choice of such programs is extremely vast, but you need to be attentive and careful to choose safe, reliable, powerful, and easy to use video converter that will meet your needs perfectly and convert iPad video to PC without any problems.
Media Buddy converter for iPad is a versatile and powerful conversion tool created to perform any kind of video conversions with ease yet with perfect output results. If you need to convert iPad video to PC, Media Buddy will do that for you with a few mouse clicks and in the twinkling of an eye. It is very easy to install and convenient to use, and at the same time provides the fastest conversion speed and perfect output quality.
Media Buddy supports all popular video formats, meaning that you will be able to convert almost any video with its help absolutely effortlessly. You just need to select iPad videos you want to convert and choose an output format, and in a trice you will be able to take pleasure in watching your iPad videos with perfect quality on PC or any other device that supports the

Proporta Waterproof iPhone Case

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When you are going to the beach with your iPhone, you may sometimes be worried that your phone may be damaged when you accidentally dip it to water. However, with the useful waterproof iPhone cases, you would not need to worry so much anymore. In recent years, a lot of companies are working to provide quality protection for the iPhone against the water. One of the inventions from the company Proporta is the waterproof iPhone cases.

This company is regarded as one of the best compasnies which can focus on providing the superior cases for phones. Besides iPhone, there are also a lot of accessories for phone and other IT gadgets. Therefore, the experience of this company in providing quality iPhone cases is definitely rich. The BeachBuoy series of cases for iPhone is very great for people who are interested in getting the waterproof iPhone cases. You can easily find relevant information about this brand on the internet because there are really many great products from this series and this series of product receives a high reputation and recognition from the users.

GPS Homing Device – Never lose your car again!

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This is the simplest portable GPS locating device available, ideal for finding your car after shopping or your hotel after a day of touring in an unfamiliar city. Simply push a button to mark your current location and the device points the way back. Half the size of a cell phone, the compact receiver fits easily on a keychain, in a pocket, or in a purse. Unlike typical GPS units that are highly complex, this one only has two buttons: one for switching your compass mode, another for setting up to three starting points. It uses an advanced GPS receiver chipset that provides a high degree of accuracy–within five yards–in urban canyons or heavily forested environments thanks to its superior Time To First Fix for locating and locking onto satellite signals. It counts down the distance (in yards, miles, meters, or kilometers) as you approach your starting point and its self-calibrating digital compass displays your heading in degrees and indicates direction with an easy-to-read arrow. A backlight button illuminates the display for easy reading in low light conditions. It also remembers your waypoints when powered off. Weather resistant.

Turn your iphone into a 55 inch telivision

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This is the only personal media viewer that provides a private viewing experience equivalent to watching a widescreen 55″ television from 10′ away. It connects to a video iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, portable DVD player, or personal video game system and uses two high-resolution LCDs and dual stereo noise isolating earphones. Developed from U.S. military technology, the viewer generates 24-bit true color (16 million colors) and a 27º field of view for wide pictures, and the removable earphones produce crisp, clear sound. The LCDs provide 428 x 240 resolution, and may be focused individually from +2 to -5 diopters. Nose piece adjusts for custom fit. Includes two AA batteries that provides up to six hours of continuous operation. Includes iPod cable, A/V cable, and carrying case. (4 oz.)

See it in action – click here

thePolaroid SX-70 OneStep Land Camera

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thePolaroid SX-70 OneStep Land Camera ($210). Developed in collaboration with The Impossible Project and limited to just 50 units, these hand-refurbished Land Cams feature a white and black body with a seventies-licious rainbow running from the lens to the output slot, a simple black strap, and come with two boxes of B&W/sepia PX 100 film.

Outdoor TV

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It’s the time of year when the big Sunday football games are on but the weather is still decent. But you don’t have to choose between indoors and outside with the Ciil Technologies outdoor television. It is the first 100 percent, fully-sealed 1080p HD flat panel display. The Ciil design has zero vents or filters making it impossible for moisture or dust to collect inside. The ventless system keeps the internal components safely warmed in extreme cold and properly cooled in extreme heat without the need for exhaust ventilation. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness to best match the lighting conditions and an anti-reflective impact-resistant safety glass protects the screen against damage. It comes in three sizes, 32″ – $2,800, 42″ – $3,200 and 47″ – $3,750.

M9 digital camera

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Leica presents yet another limited edition version of their M9 flagship digital camera. This time they worked with retailer Neiman Marcus. The camera comes with a chrome finish and brown oestrich leather upper and matching oestrich leather strap. The camera will release soon and retails for 17′500 USD.


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This leviathan of Microsoft’s lastest handsets also boasts 16GB of internal storage, a 5-megapixel camera with auto focus, a dual LED flash, and 720p video recording, 576MB of RAM, a 3.5mm headphone port, a standard micro-USB port for charging, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and service from T-Mobile. Luckily, it also features a built-in kickstand, which is good since your hand will no doubt tire from holding such a beast all day.

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